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In December of 2020 Kamp Grizzly threw their very first digital holiday party with Twitch segments from friends and collaborators that we missed working with over the pandemic. The Holiday Platitudes Infomercials in partnership with Fisk Projects were an immediate fan favorite and received its own writeup on Art and Design outlet It’s Nice That:

“In a new collaboration between two esteemed Portland-based design studios, Fisk and Kamp Grizzly have come together to give meaning to words that are overused but underutilized. The six words in question are collaboration, community, goodwill, empathy, gratitude and family – six notions expressed through a set of platitude plates with all proceeds going to the Oregon Food Bank. The platitude plates are designed with lasting appeal and everyday dining in mind. Manufactured in the US with scratch-resistant features to prevent chipping, the charitable project began at the end of last year when (we’re sure most of us can agree on this) there was a great need for joy and lightness to end 2020 on a much-needed high.”

You can read more about the collaboration here.

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