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Adrenochrome is the brainchild of KAMP Art Director Tyler Alexander and collaborator Riley Hoke, the first of many projects in the works that will begin to trickle out over the next year or so. The pair work to be intentional with what and how they make things, “mostly, we want to avoid the constant asset churn of content culture. We want to make real things that we feel should exist.” -Tyler Alexander

Adrenochrome is a blood-red kiwi strawberry energy drink with 0 calories and 200mg of caffeine. It’s an ode to the extremity of visual culture from the early 2000s: think playing Resident Evil while drinking Monster Energy Drink and watching New French Extremity movies, “it’s like Older Brother in the 2000s.”


Tyler and Riley recently commissioned photographer Cecelia Poupon to capture the product for the launch of the brand's 16oz cans.

For more information, visit 54-06-8.com or @adrenoenergy.